picture of man looking at camera and back showing off scar from spinal surgery

Dr Ghosh’s work with the SENTA Clinic and its multidisciplinary approach allows him to care for a multitude of unique individuals. Furthermore, his commitment to providing exceptional care for patients with injury or disease to the brain, skull base and spine often leads to an investment in the individual’s life and story. We wish to share one such inspiring story of Kevin Young.

In July of 2011, Kevin was wading in waist deep water when he performed a simple forward diving motion. He still does not know what he hit and there was no physical indications of what could have happened, he does know that he broke his C4, C6 and completely shattered his C5.

He was instantly and completely paralyzed from the neck down. Kevin drowned that day and it was only the quick attention of a nurse on the beach that performed CPR that brought his heart back to life. His friends, lifeguards and medics were able to get him to the mainland and to Scripps Memorial Hospital. There he was able to work with Dr. Ghosh beginning his journey in healing.

Since then, Kevin’s recovery has been a miraculous one.

With an inspiring effort in rehabilitation Kevin has been able to overcome quadriplegia. He continues to fight and heal with the resulting spinal cord damage.

He has found that photography has played an important role in this recovery process. He now takes professional photographs showing everything from singular portraits to enveloping landscapes.

Kevin’s inspirational photos remind us that life is beautiful and that each moment captured is a gift. We encourage you to visit his website and read his amazing first hand account HERE.